Website name

Description is a news site. Publishes both local and international news. The site also publishes inspirational articles and facts.

Net profit (the income the website has generated in total)
It has made 150$ which come from direct adds. Since I have not been active on the site and the period of time for some adds has expired the site is static as to how much it is making.

Buy it now BIN Price
80000 NGN
Bidding starts from NGN1000, make your bid in the comment section or private message the seller with your offer

7 months

Reason for selling
The site being a news site need to be followed up with current news. But my academic activities, having been admitted into the Nigeria law school and many schedules which have made me so a busy person I can no longer follow the site up current news. The n

Page views
As at when it's always updated with current news which two months age, page views ranges from 19,000 up. With proof of screenshot

Monetization method
It can be monitized with any method. However, I used direct adds when I was active on the site

Upload date
04/01/2018 20:33:18

The seller: Samuel Ndubuisis

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i luv it