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Alidropship store is for sale. Anyone want buy it contact me.! link is Everything is fully automated ..! one click product import from AliExpress with all details and images ..! Great dropshipping website all set up and easy to manage. Great way to make extra money with little work. 1 yr of free of web hosting with a value of about $300. Great website for beginners. contact +923413366690 (Pakistan)

Net profit (the income the website has generated in total)
i have earned more than 7k+ $ from drop-shipping in 5 months...! you can learn dropshiping from any youtube video

Buy it now BIN Price
91000 NGN
Bidding starts from NGN1000, make your bid in the comment section or private message the seller with your offer

6 months

Reason for selling
i have lot of websites and feel difficulty in managing all website so i am selling some of them..!

Page views
Between 1500 - 5000 views per day

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12/23/2018 11:50:54

The seller: Nabeel Mukhtar

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