Tips for selling your website faster on BetaFlip

As the fastest growing marketplace for buying and selling websites, we get tons of listings per day, standing out from the crowd and getting attention to your website listing is as easy as following these tips.

Sell low

Buying websites is a risky business, buyers on BetaFlip often look for websites that look like less risky investments, usually we advice sellers to sell at 12X to 24X the monthly revenue for established websites.

Provide detailed listings

Detailed listings get 5X more attention. Buyers want to know as much as possible about what they are paying for. Giving a detailed description of what you are selling can only be to your advantage.

Paid listings

Your website listing gets 10X more attention when you go for paid listing rather than a free one. For as low as NGN2500, your website listing stays on the front page.For NGN5000 & NGN10000, We promote your website listing on many fronts.

Promote your own listing

Promoting your own listing on relevant facebook, whatsapp & twitter communities to get more buyers. NOTE: You get to keep 95% of the sale money if you bring in a buyer yourself.

Get comments on your listings

Getting people to comment on your listing shows activity. Comments must be relevant, as spammy comments can get your listing deleted.

Help us flag false listings to keep the marketplace scam free